13U Esmark Stars


The Esmark Stars AAA Hockey Club would like to offer team positions to the following players for the U13 (2006) Bantam AAA Esmark Stars Hockey team.



Once tryout results are posted players have 24 hours to accept or decline roster positions. At the conclusion of the 24 hour period, players will be deemed as accepting roster positions and their commitment checks will be cashed. 

To accept a position, players simply need to let the 24 hours expire and they will be rostered.

Players wishing to decline roster position should forward an e-mail with their name and tryout number to Heather Ruffner (vipersesmarkruffner@gmail.com) with the message "I am declining the roster position offered to me with the 2006 Bantam Esmark Stars" ... and include your tryout number and name.

Note: Players listed as alternates will not have their commitment checks cashed unless they are offered and accept a roster position.